Clipping path is a photo editing technique that is used to isolate an object from the photo. The main reason for applying the clipping path is to remove the unwanted areas from a particular image.By isolating an object from a photo, you can use it in different photos for different purposes. So, it is really important that you do the clipping path perfectly. The perfect clipping path is depending on the individual designer’s ability and skills.One of the main reasons for clipping, path demand is an online business. We all know online business is booming these days. So, for this clipping demand is also increasing.

Considering these facts, Web training bd provide clipping path training that can help you to increase your skills. We training bd is one of the best IT training centers in Bangladesh. We are offering clipping path training that will help you start freelancing work as soon as you complete the course.

Contents of Training:

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Understanding Layers and Transformation
  • Overview of Selection
  • Basic uses of Pen tool in Photoshop
  • Background Remove Live Project
  • Clipping Path Live Project
  • Multipath in Photoshop
  • Jewelry Path
  • Product Path
  • Live project on the marketplace
Clipping Path Training
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